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Burgers and Rap History w/ Aamer Rahman

I had the honor of contributing to Aamer Rahman’s new interview series “Can We Kick It,” and got to chop it up about my hip-hop history and lots of other stuff. And get a burger at Jimbo’s.

Checkout his full series here, which features a lot of other dope people.

A bit of gratitude on a rough day.

This has, for many of us, become a day to reckon with unanswerable questions about loss, and grief, and depression, and death. Today is also, in my corner of the world, the first anniversary of my dear friend and brother Glenn G Man Holt’s passing.

It’s been a day and a rough week. We are living in a rough world. If you are here with me watching or hearing this I really value your presence, and being present here with you. I hope we get to do it again tomorrow.