The Oscars, and Learning the Craft of Being Good

February 24, 2015

My latest video for Fusion, on the Oscars and what we can learn about being a good person.

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Marshawn Lynch and the Theater of Disobedience

February 5, 2015

My latest video for Fusion.

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Why Kendrick Lamar is Right. Even Though He's Kind of Wrong.

January 16, 2015

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On Truces, and What Real Peace Requires

December 26, 2014

I think it’s important not to let focus shift, from supporting victims of injustice, to making those who allow injustice - by actions or silence - feel more comfortable with critique. But for the record, here’s why the best way to honor good police officers is not to stay home and be silent, but to go back out there and say Black Lives Matter, twice as loudly as before.

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On Ferguson, Riots and Human Limits

November 27, 2014

Ferguson didn't fail to protest peacefully. We failed their peaceful protests.

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The Three Hip-Hop Lessons Every Young Activist Should Learn

November 18, 2014

The first video from my new series for Fusion, The Illipsis.

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Stray Thoughts on Hip-Hop and Ferguson

September 20, 2014

A few weeks ago I was testing my phone's camera (hence the uneven sound) and talked out a bunch of thoughts about Ferguson, or specifically the two high-profile rap records that came out in response. Breaking it into two parts cuz it goes on forever.

Part One

Part Two

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The List of Rules For Women

September 3, 2014

Just a rant I posted to my Facebook page, but a few people requested I put it on Youtube as well. Warning, some offensive/misogynist language is used.

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11 Reasons We Still Need To Talk About Race

July 30, 2014

To help spread the word about Facing Race, I asked a bunch of thinkers and activists for their one-sentence answer on why race still matters in 2014.

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Three Things About The Donald Sterling Tape

May 23, 2014

Or 5 or 6 things, depending how you want to count. Pardon the sound quality, my mic was messing up a bit. Originally posted a while ago but I hadn't gotten around to putting it here.

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